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Health Professionals View on Self Management

Posted on: Mon 9th Jul 2012

Meet Graham

Dr Graham Kramer has been a GP in Montrose for 16 years. He is seconded for two days a week to the Scottish Government as National Clinical Lead for Self Management and Health Literacy.

What does self management mean for Graham?

In Graham’s experience, self management represents a shift in culture from when doctors’ training led them to believe that they could cure most things with a prescription or a surgical procedure. With self management, for a person living with a long term condition it’s no longer a case of

“your life in their hands’ but now also ‘your life in your own hands”.

For people living with diabetes, for instance, managing their condition is about much more than being prescribed insulin. Success also depends on how well a person looks after themselves, adapts their lifestyle, manages their injections and monitors themselves.

“People’s outcomes should become dependent less on their doctors goals and more on their own priorities”

Graham believes that self management is about adopting a relationship change with patients, helping them get involved and be empowered to become lead partners in their own care.

“When you get your car MOT’d they give you your carbon monoxide emissions in a traffic lights system; green, yellow, red. That’s much more meaningful, much more understandable. Once people can understand, they are much more likely to become involved and if they can see their blood tests are in the green, marvellous. If they’re in the amber or red, they can start having a sensible discussion with you about what they can do to improve it.”

Read Grahams full case study and other health professionals views under professional resources, then downloads.

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